"Entering the Fintech and Cards business can be like crossing an ocean - A boat and an idea of your destination simply isn’t enough..."

Your mainstay should be a versatile crew that understands the capabilities and limitations of your craft, prepares you for the hazards you will face, is skilled in navigating the tides & currents and has the experience to recognise and overcome any challenges if and when they may arise.

Bowsprit International is here to help you chart the best possible course to achieve a speedy and safe passage to your destination – the successful launch and growth of your Fintech/Card payment product…

We engage with

Market Entrants
– Programme Managers
– FinTechs
Card Schemes
Service Providers

We support clients across a broad spectrum of propositions and geographies

Our team has broad and relevant experience & skills

Payment & Regulatory Compliance
Project Management
Operational Readiness
Operational Management
Business Analysis
IT/Service Management
Business Evolution

We offer a wealth of experience gained through delivering and supporting fintech propositions since the birth of ‘open loop’ prepaid in the early 2000s