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   What is it?

Bowsprit International and the Customer Strategy Network have joined forces to offer a specialist service, Fathom, focused on payment data analytics, which offers valuable insights to industry participants.

   What does the service provide?

The Fathom service enables payment providers to identify, acquire, engage, retain and optimise their portfolio of customers to drive more profitable outcomes.

   Who benefits from it?

Fathom provides its data science expertise to the benefit of Card Program Managers, Card Issuers, Issuer Processors and Open Banking Providers.

   How does it work? 

Transactional/cardholder data forms the foundation of the service that Fathom provides. This data can be analysed within your own data environment or, if preferred, securely transferred to our own cloud operations for analysis. The Fathom data scientists enhance the foundation data, anonymised or not, with additional relevant data to provide you with specialised and customised reports and feedback, which empower you to make informed decisions that accelerate your business success.

   Data privacy?

We take data privacy and protection of sensitive information very seriously. We work with specialist partners to continually monitor the regulatory and legislative landscapes for new developments in data privacy laws and to deploy appropriate technical and procedural measures which are designed to help maintain security and privacy of cardholder information. Our privacy policy contains further information on our practices and how you may contact us with any further questions on the subject.

   Security & compliance?

The Fathom service uses Google BigQuery for data storage. Our processes and systems safeguard your data with integrated security controls which are fully GDPR compliant.

   Ready for a deep dive?

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