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Fathom’s data analysis, visualisation and storytelling technique helps you to make sense of your payments data – quickly and easily.

Your data tells a story:

  • Where customers come from.
  • What content or promotions they engage with.
  • Why they convert (or don’t).

Our insights help you to interpret this story:

  • “What’s your customer lifetime value?”
  • “Which channels give you the highest returns?”
  • “Where are your customers dropping off in the sales funnel?”

Fathom offers three critical service elements to help you make more informed decisions that deepen customer relationships, mitigate attrition and proactively drive desired customer outcomes which directly lead to growth.

  1. Create an actionable data plan; one that reflects your commercial objectives, both now and in the future, whilst recognising a changing regulatory environment.
  2. Integrate data into your decision-making processes; finding patterns and behaviours linked to the right performance measures that inform you about ongoing customer outcomes and journeys.
  3. Deliver ‘real time’ customer interventions; ones that are driven by and reflect the ambitions of your customer data strategy.

Data security & compliance

Our processes and systems safeguard data with integrated security controls which are PCI and DPIA compliant.

We work with specialist partners to continually monitor the regulatory and legislative landscapes for new developments in data privacy laws and we deploy appropriate technical and procedural measures which are designed to help maintain security and privacy of account holder information.

Connect with Us

Fathom is a collaboration between leading global Payments and Customer Loyalty Practitioners. Bowsprit International and the Customer Strategy Network have joined forces to offer issuers of payment products a new data-driven decisioning and customer incentivisation service.